sooph und das racist 2

Das Racist is getting their Sooph-Jackets

Dec 13 2011

As usual i had been sewing to the very last minute to finish the jackets, so when i arrived at Festsaal Kreuzberg Das Racist had already started, so i decided to just throw my jackets on stage and basically into their faces. Which worked out really well 🙂 i think i will only deliver stuff […]


Meet “Puffy” the new quilted Varsity Jacket

Oct 10 2011

My last creation is this quilted varsity jacket, it features nice wool outside  material, some pychedelic quilting and real warm and soft wool lining. More and better pictures will be coming soon. Brian Crumley , a jewelery designer from Brookly NYC,  is now the happy owner as i have traded the jacket for some of his […]


September moods

Oct 10 2011

Some pictures from Amsterdam, Berlin and the “Nordsee” (more…)


Anika is on the road and my clothes give her company

Sep 20 2011

My cousin Anika is going on US-tour with her band and i made her this outfit to keep her safe when she is on the road, so check out the new “Anika”-Varsity Jacket and the new “Anika” cigarette pants. And if you happen to live or be in the US  the coming month then make sure […]



Sep 14 2011

…this is what i’ve been up to. Just some pictures…   (more…)


Ibiza Recreation

Sep 14 2011

End of July i got to spend some time in Ibiza and was surprised by how chilled out it was and how amazingly beautiful it is, as you can see….   (more…)